Travertine Pool Patio Designs

Travertine Pool Patio Designs

Travertine Pool Patio Designs
A resort look and feel right in your own backyard! A custom built Free Form pool with a deep end bench seat and a spill over spa with a raised patio surrounding it creates a multi-leveled backdrop that anyone would want to submerse themselves in. Located in Smithtown Long Island this home boasts a large flat ¾ acre property that we at Gappsi were able to craft into what you see here. The homeowner wanted to separate the home and main patio from the pool and BBQ Bar area so Gappsi was able to carve out the furthest parts of the property and create a natural free flowing concept that compliments the home and yard impeccably. Using Fiorito Travertine French pattern as well as Fiorito 2” coping as the flat work fortifies the natural free form theme with the multi colors movements within each stone that ensures that this is a one of a kind design. Like a snowflake no other patio will look exactly like this one, something that many customers try to achieve, by using a natural stone over a paver is one way of accomplishing such desires. Anchoring this project are the 3 vertical structures of the L shaped BBQ Bar area, the two pier columns and raised patio. These height changing elements are built using Hanover wall system in a beige color, whose subtle color changes and overall rustic finish coincide with smooth travertine with varying colors. The raised spa area incorporates a raised lounge area to enjoy sunbathing perched above the pool level, in turn prevents splashing from those in the pool accidentally. The lights create ambient light that bring warmth to the area without being too harsh. The bbq/bar area creates a pool side lounge to get out of the sun under the cantilevered umbrella enjoy a cold drink and a quick lunch. Totally fenced in for safety the area has planting beds to mask and soften the appearance of the estate fence, blending in the natural beauty of plants within the curves of the patio. These concepts are thought-out and purposely inserted into the creating a perfect setting for all to enjoy. Gappsi design team has drawn up this design and our master build team executed the design perfectly. From start to finish including pool patio spa bbq/bar area, fence and landscape Gappsi took care of the entire project.

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