Catalina Hot Tub Spas with Travertine Pavers Surroundings

Catalina Hot Tub Spas with Travertine Pavers Surroundings

Catalina Hot Tub Spas with Travertine Pavers Sorroundings we see Gappsi Signature Natural Stone Travertine being used in varying mediums, including patio, coping, wall veneer and a fireplace. Designed in tandem with the homeowners wish list of Built-In BBQ with bar seating, Pool, Spa and a custom fireplace our Designers created a cohesive 1,900 sqft patio that enhanced and reclaimed this once wild and brush ridden yard. Seating walls along the back side serves the function of retaining the higher elevation sloping towards the back of the property, somewhere to rest upon and as well a contrasting vertical eye catching visual anchor. The lighter Fiorito Stone veneer plays as a subtle complimentary change to the exotic and brilliant colored Natural Travertine in French pattern. The Fiorito step treads also create a visual warning that there are steps, which benefits all especially at night. The design team incorporated the BBQ/Bar area along the retaining wall to flow unbroken to the fireplace and continue into the natural living waterfall. The addition of the waterfall near the fireplace was done as a theme of fire and water giving the natural elements their respect and admiration the customer wanted. Each of these areas have been given their individual space so the user can feel immersed in each setting without feeling onto or within another area. The warm tranquil space in front of the fireplace is far enough away from the vivid and fun dining and BBQ/bar area that individuals can almost get away while still being in the backyard. The center of attention of this entire area is the Catalina spa. A raised patio on two sides allows easy access and a streamline look that hides the large spas side walls. With a strategic landscape bed along the third side wall helps hide the spa and incorporates a large eyesore seamlessly with the entire design. Gappsi ability to design create and accommodate all that you see here helps set us apart from the competition. From conception of the homeowners ideas and wishes paired with the lay of the land helped form such an intricate and fuctional design. All accessories were also taken into consideration to perfectly fit such items as the spa dining table to the components of the BBQ/Bar.

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