Location: West Islip, NY
Award Presented To: Gappsi  1995
A circular design incorporated at the front entrance of this residence is used as a focal point and blends with flowing lines of pavestones. Pavers are 60mm thick, placed on top of a 10-in. sub base. A 4,500 square foot circular driveway was installed on 1-inch sand in a running bond pattern using lines of Charcoal Roma variations to enhance the layout

My First Award Winning Stone Installation Design 1995
My First Award Winning Stone Installation Design 1995

Award Winning Driveway West islip NY.bmp

Award Winning Driveway.bmp

 Award Winning Design and Installation 

Location: Babylon, NY
Award Presented To: Gappsi®
Formal graphics and a stone-like appearance in many ways make the driveway the main attraction at this waterside residence with boat docks. Exquisite detailing demonstrates the skills of the combined designer and paver installation contractor. All pavers are 2 3/8 in. (60 mm) thick and placed over a 9 in. (225 mm) thick of compacted aggregate made of crush, recycled concrete

Babylon Award winning Driveway

Award Winnin Paving Stone Driveway Babylon NY

driveway foto babylong ny Gappsi Giuseppe Abbrancati

Babylon Driveway contractors

Driveway installation long island company


Driveway Contractor Babylon NY

Award Winning Design and Installation

Location: Islip, NY
Award Presented To: Gappsi®
Upscale project uses 60mm Roma I and Roma II stones, both with rounded edges, plus 6-inch square Rustico pavers. The stones are placed in a running bond pattern, beginning at the driveway apron and continuing around each circle. This creates the illusions of changing lines of eight circles that lead to the grand, courtyard circle of a neo-classical, two-level home. Charcoal Rustico stones stones are used as inserts to enhance flowing lines of the driveway and outline the courtyard, while fans are added between circles to give the driveway a scalloped border. The home’s backyard patio and pool deck incorporate the Roma stone profiles with larger Coral Roma I and Corso stones, combining fan and herringbone and running bond patterns

Backyard patio company long island.bmp

Waterfront masonry backyards long island.bmp

Back yard patio contractor long island

Islip ny masonry contractors.bmp

Driveway contractors islip ny

West islip Driveway contractors

 Award Winning Design and Installation

Location: John Anthony’s on the Water, Babylon, NY
Award Presented To: Gappsi®
Pisces Paver, a proprietary unit, was installed to create a more welcoming 7,000 square foot entryway and patio layout. Green, salmon and mojave tan 4×4 inch Brown Pisces pavers form the entrance, while Crab Orchard-colored Pisces units create the front sidewalk. To restore a waterfront wood deck, a 1-Inch slim line paver was layered on 1/2 inch sand over existing wood – with fabric to prevent sand washout- creating an antidote to movement and weathering

masonry contractor babylon ny.bmp

beautifull stone work babylon long island ny.bmp

best stone work in long island

best brick work in suffolk county

Stone contractor babylon ny.bmp

Stone work by artists.bmp

custom brick work long island ny

Gappsi Family

 Award Winning Design and Installation

Location: Huntington, NY
Award Presented To: Gappsi®
The water in this faux pool is hard enough to support people who wish to get a view of the softer water just yards (meters) away. Adjacent to a catering hall, the roof plaza deck is a subtle metaphor: hold a great pool party without getting wet. The illusion of the water’s motion is cleverly introduced into the pattern, even in the whirlpool bath. The pavers rest on a thin layer of bedding sand over a waterproof membrane

Huntington Masonry  Contractors.bmp

Custom brick work long island ny.bmp

Blue paving stones Long Island ny

 Award Winning Design and Installation

Location: Smithtown, NY
Award Presented To: ; Gappsi®
Complimenting the traditional appearance of the two-story brick house, the driveway entrance incorporates a 16-point compass star with Crab Orchard flagstone inserts, likewise used in the border with a combination of brown and mojave tan 4×4 inch product. Highlighting the 4,000 square foot job is a step-up front courtyard featuring the original design of a bloomed rose created by placing sawcut pink, green and red stones in a mosaic-like pattern

Award winning Paving Stone installation long Island NY

Edge system installation

Elegant Front door walkways.bmp

Installing A Compass Star  Design With My Daughter 2000

Compass Star design For Driveways Long Island NY.bmp

Award winning driveway Smithtown ny

Award Winning Design and Installation

Location Farmingdale NY

Award Presented To: Gappsi®

Breathtaking, multilevel water fountain and 4000 square feet of exquisite details of paving stones walkways add vibrancy to the entrance of this senior citizen residence complex. Color of paving stones blend in with the natural rocks of the water fountain. The paving stones layout incorporate the original design of a cluster of berries and a vine with leaves that flow throughout the walkway surrounding the water fountain. Paving stones were installed on 1 in. grated sand over 9 in. of recycled concrete base. Gappsi Edge Restraint system was used to secure the walkway border

Farmingdale Masonry contractor Gappsi Giuseppe Abbrancati.bmp

Best Pavers installations by Gappsi Giuseppe Abbrancati

Awrd winning pavingstone installer long island Gappsi Giuseppe Abbrancati


  Award Winning Design and Installation

Location: Melville, NY
Award Presented To: Gappsi®
16,000 sf (1,600 m2) of tumbled concrete pavers grace the big front and backyards of this stately Spanish villa. The design demonstrates the ability of concrete pavers to fit into practically any architectural style. Bedding sand supports the 2 3/8 in. (60 mm) thick units and an 8 in. recycled crushed concrete base.

melville stone work Gappsi Giuseppe Abbrancati

Custom stone designs long island

courtyard stones long island ny  Gappsi Giuseppe Abbrancati

stone work long island

best stone work melville

best driveways long island

best pool patio designs melville

Location: East Northport, NY
Award Presented To: Gappsi®

It is finally here! Long waited 2003 and what a better way for this Harley Davidson fan to celebrate the arrival of his 2003 Hundred Years Anniversary Edition. The Harley Davidson fat boy over his brand new state of the art Paving stone installed driveway. An array of colors creates the autumn blend laid on the field of the driveway. Marble blend a mix of gray and white was used for the borders and to create the unique driveway design & patterns. 10,000 sq.ft. of driveway and pool patio were installed over 12″ of recycled concrete base and 1″ of sand. The Gappsi® Edge Restraint System® secured the border of the pavement

Award winning installation commack ny.bmp

Best driveway designers long island

Circular driveway design Contractor

Best driveway installation Commack ny 11725.bmp

Sloped driveways designs

 Award Winning Design and Installation

Location: Smithtown, NY
Award Presented To: Gappsi®
The project designer was Gappsi® owner Giuseppe Abbrancati. The paving stones driveway leading up to this secluded colonial home includes a border used to create a smooth transition from driveway to courtyard. The driveway, courtyard, front walkway and backyard patio are paved with 8×8 Chamois tumbled stones. These stones have a weathered finish that gives the pavement an antique look. Green 4×4 paving stones were used to create flowing lines to define the driveway’s unique design and to outline borders throughout. The green stones match the exterior trim of the windows and roof. Also used were Golden Brown Circle and Golden Brown Roma I and II stones. Precision and care went into the details of cuts and lines to assure a professional result

Driveway installers  Smithtown ny.bmp

Driveways companies smithtown ny

Fan Driveway Designs long island ny

Creative Stone designs

Beautifull walkway designs long island ny

beautiful patio designs long island ny

Carpet like patio designs long island ny

Smithtown award winning patio designs

  Award Winning Design and Installation

Location: Smithtown NY

Award Presented To: Gappsi®

To create a convenient entryway on a steeply sloped front yard was the primary challenge for Gappsi project designers. Skillful integration of reinforced concrete footings, retaining walls, and Gappsi Stone Collection pavers enabled installers to accomplish the dual aims of aesthetic appeal and functionality.

After foundation footings were placed for wall support, oversized gravel and recycled concrete were compacted as backfill for the entire stoop. Hanover units facing walls and steps, as well as Travertine pavers comprising walks and landings contribute to the elegant effect offset by Moss Rock Boulders, which function as a retaining wall for planting beds as they extend the entryway’s natural appearance.

Front entrance designers Gappsi Giuseppe Abbrancati

Landscape walls Gappsi Giuseppe Abbrancati

Location: Dix Hills , NY
Award Presented To: Gappsi®

A vivid and defined layout of colors and patterns of paving stones capture and compliment the colors and esthetics of the house. Inlays, border accents and blends combine the architectural style of this contemporary home with the functionality of the paving stones layout . The design and color transition truly leads the mind when walking on this extensive panoramic setting on this private residence in Dix Hills, Long Island, NY. The 10,000 sq ft detailed driveway, court yard, pool patio and raised patios were installed on 12 ” of recycled concrete base and 1″ of sand. The GAPPSI Edge Restraint System was installed to secure the borders of the pavement

Artistic stone Work long island ny Gappsi Giuseppe Abbrancati

Pool patio contractor dix hills ny Gappsi Giuseppe Abbrancati

Raised patio design Gappsi Giuseppe Abbrancati

Driveway contractor long island NY Gappsi Giuseppe Abbrancati

best driveway dix hills long island ny Gappsi Giuseppe Abbrancati

 Submission to awards

Smithtown NY

Cesar Retreat
Approx 2000 sq ft mini-colonial 3” wall crab orchard and brown colors were used to retain the multilevel tiered backyard and to build stairways, gate columns and piersOrnamental pre-cast planters, statues and balusters were used to build water fountains.
To accentuate gas torches, walkways and top of columns and walls were used. Pave-art designs were used to accent areas of the backyard which is dedicated to the home owners kids, spelled in Italian language: Ritrovo Olimpico = Olympic retreat; arena dei gladiatori = gladiators arena, piazza delle dive = diva’s square.A scaled minimized version of a roman residence is the style portrait in the layout. Details and plantings by the Gappsi designers for this Long Island North Shore home. To create a blend of old world and contemporary style and architecture we utilized modern building materials and colors.
Fountain Smithtown NY Gappsi Giuseppe Abbrancati

Back yard patio Designs Gappsi Giuseppe Abbrancati

Retaining Wall designs Smithtown Gappsi Giuseppe Abbrancati



Gappsi Giuseppe Abbrancati

Gappsi Giuseppe Abbrancati (3)

Gappsi Giuseppe Abbrancati (2)

 Submission to awards

Location : Ronkonkoma NY

The Waterfalls is more than remarkably appointed apartments. Your first impressions is of an especially breathtaking community. The blend of plush landscaping with attractive and functional architectural design makes The Waterfalls an appealing and comfortable haven. Paving stones were used to pave the pathways that lead around the breathtaking waterfalls. Paving stones were laid on 12 of grated sand over 52 of compacted recycled concrete base. The Gappsi Edge Restraint System was used to secure the borders of walkways. Circle patterns were used to create a spiral-like design. A brown overlaid fan design with chamois borders was created to accent the flag flower bed. Golden brown circles were used for the barbecue patio, and Roma I, Roma II for the remaining walkways

Water falls Designer contractors

best landscape contractor long island.bmp

Flag Pole Flower bad and stone designs Gappsi Giuseppe Abbrancati

Flag pole flower bad Gappsi Giuseppe Abbrancati

paver installers suffolk county ny Gappsi Giuseppe Abbrancati

pavingstone designr suffolk county ny Gappsi Giuseppe Abbrancati

large scale waterfalls long island Gappsi Giuseppe Abbrancati

Water Fall designers Gappsi Giuseppe abbrancati

Submission to awards

East Islip NY

The soft look of golden brown paving stones with beige outline create a warm, yet intricate design cutting across this plush green lawn and natural setting of trees of this residence in a wildlife-reserved area. Circle patterns in Roma I paving stones were installed on 8 inches of compacted, recycled concrete base over 1 in. grated sand

Best driveway designs Gappsi Giuseppe Abbrancati.bmp

Circular driveway designs Gappsi Giuseppe Abbrancati.bmp

Courtyard designs Gappsi Giuseppe Abbrancati.bmp

Paver driveways designers Gappsi Giuseppe Abbrancati.bmp


 Submission to awards

Lindenhurst NY

Sunflower Stone Patio  design Gappsi Giuseppe Abbrancati.bmp

Decorative stone work designers Gappsi Giuseppe Abbrancati

  Submission to awards

Location : Poquott NY

Driveway Construction  Gappsi Giuseppe Abbrancati

Driveway Compaction Gappsi Giuseppe Abbrancat

Sloped Driveways Gappsi Giuseppe Abbrancat

Paving Stone Compass star designs Gappsi Giuseppe Abbrancat

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