Swimming pool contractor, Designer, Company, Port Washington NY 11050

Swimming pool contractor, Designer, Company, Port Washington NY 11050

swimming-pool-contractor-designer-company-port-washington-ny-11050This Concrete Vinyl lined walls swimming pool was built by Gappsi in Port Washington NY 11050. The pool size is 15×30 staggered halfway with stadium stairs in the shallow area and one swim out benches on one side of deep end. Pool depth is 6 feet, which makes this swimming pool is a non-diving pool.
A raised platform in back of the pool allows for the installation of sheer descends water feature spilling in to the swimming pool, visible from every part of the back yard and also creating a launge area ornated by oversized flower pots and palm trees.

Trex Material was used to build the deck and stairs to get to the second floor.
Woodland brown decking contrasted with white fascia and spindles for the railing. Four fiberglass columns support the structure and also create grand entrance appearance to the pool steps.

The plumbing was done using 2 inches 40 schedule hard pvc pipes, this allows water to flow and filtered fester. The pool coping used is the Griggio Dorato Silver travertine 2 inches thick random pattern. The patio pavers are also Griggio Dorato Silver travertine French pattern all from the Gappsi natural stone products selection.

The equipment is Totally Hayward, pump, Filter and heater, to keep the water sanitized a salt chlorine generator and an ozone system were installed, the combination of these 2 will keep water free of alleges and impurities easily and automatically thus making this a maintenance and Chemicals free swimming pool.

For more information about Gunite pools design and installation contact Gappsi at 631-543-1177 or visit our website at http://www.gappsi.com

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