Gunite Swimming Pool Built in Massapequa, NY by Gappsi.

Gunite Swimming Pool Built in Massapequa, NY by Gappsi.

Gunite Swimming Pool Built in Massapequa, NY by Gappsi.The Gunite shell incorporates a cage of Rebars 12 inches on center and 8 inches Gunite floor and 10 inches walls. The pool size is 16×32 and built within the pool are stadium stairs across shallow end 16 ft wide, and in the opposite side a 16 feet 18 inches wide bench across the deep end to allow more sitting in the pool.

Beige quartz tiles were installed along the pool wall at water line the pool plaster consisted of cappuccino quartzscapes
Quartz dust is much harder then Marbledust thus making the pool finish last 3 times as long as any Marbledust. At Gappsi we prefer utilizing quality finish and durable materials to provide our customers with long lasting and worry free Gunite swimming pools.

This pool also incorporates a beige autocover that. Opens and closed in 30 seconds to the touch of a button providing energy savings Chemical free water and low maintenance swimming pool. In this particular backyard with limited space the installation of a fence would have not been possible and also would have made pool and back yard patio 2 separate areas making back yard un functional and esthetically unpleasant.

The pool wall also incorporates a raised wall section above pool coping with 3 sheer descends for a water cascading water feature. Fiorito travertine coping , pavers and wall veneers ware used thought the backyard walls and patios, this stone is an exclusive natural stone product from the Gappsi stone collection. The pool equipment was Hayward including the Hominologic control panel veritable speed pump, cartridge filter, salt chlorine generator, and ozone3 purification system . All plumbing consisted of 2 inches hard pvc pipes with 2 skimmers 3 jets returns and dual bottom drain.

The lighting package consisted of 3 led low voltage lights.

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