Award Winning Project in 2000

Award Winning Project in 2000

blog august 5With this Installation I won an award in 2000,
Location: Smithtown, NY
Award Presented To: Gappsi
Complimenting the traditional appearance of the two-story brick house, the driveway entrance incorporates a 16-point compass star with Crab Orchard flagstone inserts, likewise used in the border with a combination of brown and mojave tan 4×4 inch product. Highlighting the 4,000 square foot job is a step-up front courtyard featuring the original design of a bloomed rose created by placing saw cut pink, green and red stones in a mosaic-like pattern
Approx 2000 sq ft mini-colonial 3” wall crab orchard and brown colors were used to retain the multilevel
tiered backyard and to build stairways, gate columns and piers ornamental pre-cast planters, statues
and balusters were used to build water fountains. To accentuate gas torches, walkways and top of columns and walls were used. Pave-art designs were used to accent areas of the backyard. A scaled minimized version of a roman residence is the style portrait in the layout. Details and plantings by the Gappsi designers for this Long Island North Shore home. To create a blend of old world and contemporary style and architecture we utilized
modern building materials and colors.

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