Synthetic Grass Lawn Installation by Gappsi

Synthetic Grass Lawn Installation by Gappsi

Synthetic Grass Lawn Installation by Gappsi

Synthetic Grass Lawn Installation by Gappsi

Island, features the design, and installation, from concept to completion, by Gappsi Group. Synthetic Turf has come a long way over the past decade and is a great alternative to other less aesthetically pleasing options. Our synthetic grass is designed to appear as natural as possible, and the product we use is 100% Eco-Friendly, which means that it is 100% safe for kids and pets, and is also completely recyclable. The synthetic turf comes in a variety of natural looking color combinations and different lengths to fit your own unique style and preferences. Converting your lawn to synthetic turf also offers the opportunity of huge savings because synthetic grass is virtually maintenance free. Synthetic turf requires no weekly mowings, no sprinkler system, no fertilizer, and no dangerous or harmful pesticides! The process is simple and can be installed around existing trees, shrubs, ponds, pools, and decks without any damage done to the existing landscape. The first step involves removing the existing turf and any other organic material that could decompose in the future. Next we compact the subgrade and install a geotextile fabric to prevent base contamination, which also serves as a weed barrier. We then install 2- 4 inches of coarse crushed aggregate and level to a rough grade. After the rough grade is achieved we compact the entire area. Next we install plastic bender board around the perimeter of the area and a finer crushed aggregate is put down (1-2 inches) and compacted once again. This creates the final grade. Next we lay out the pieces of turf and perform rough cuts. Once the area is laid out and the pieces have been given some time to acclimate we perform the final cuts and secure all seams and edges. Edges are either stapled directly to the subgrade bender board or pinned to the subgrade using galvanized pins. The seams are held together using a special seaming tape and adhesive along with galvanized pins. All construction and installation was completed by our highly skilled Gappsi Group team members; Giuseppe Abbrancati, Vincent D’Accolti, and Curt Cardillo. To partner with Gappsi on your next project please contact us at 631-543-1177.

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