Cold Spring Harbor Long Island New York 11724

Cold Spring Harbor Long Island New York 11724

Cold Spring Harbor Long Island New York 11724Old world look and feel of a roman bath house in your own backyard. Creating a custom water feature the landscape and design team came up with this idea of using a raised flower bed with a six foot sheer decent with two sets of mosaic tile step waterfalls between six columns. Gappsi provides Gunite, Vinyl, Fiberglass Swimming pools and Hot Tubs for Residential and commercial application in Cold Spring Harbor NY 11724, To brighten and add life to such a large forty foot long structure large urns and pots decorate the top of each columns with vibrant tropical plants and palms. Located Cold Spring Harbor Long Island New York 11724 this homeowner wanted an accent wall along the length of the pool to help hide the property line and create privacy from neighbors. Gappsi also provide Design and installation of Landscape and Masonry for all Nassau County Long Island. Using skyrockets arborvitaes and a few blue holly bushes we help add height along the fence.If in need of Lawn and garden irrigation, in Cold Spring Harbor NY 11724 Gappsi can provide these services along with PVC, wood aluminum and lop-loc fences installation. The accent wall helps retain the higher elevation of top soil we created behind it as well as add acoustic value of rushing water both in the step down between the columns and the wall of water entering the pool from the sheer decent. Using cinder blocks to build the structure Gappsi used its natural stone veneer in the moca color to dress the columns and walls as well as the full nosed moca two inch coping as the cap to the structure. Our Showroom displays the most unique Travertine, Porphyry, Granite, Marble, Limestone and Sandstone pavers along with pool copings and veneers. Ready to be picked up at our Yard at 1015 west Jericho Turn Pike Smithtown NY or delivered to your Location in Cold Spring Harbor NY To preserve and beautify your natural Paving stones in Cold Spring Harbor NY Gappsi offers cleaning and sealing of patios Driveways and retaining walls. For commercial and residential Applications in Cold Spring Harbor NY, Nassau County Long Island. During the day this wall is beautiful but at night it dances with color from the pool lights along the opposing side of pool. Three multicolor LED lights color changes range from red orange and greens to deep violets blue and bright magenta. Using our pool companys aqualink system the pool can be controlled by pushing a few buttons on a remote. No manual labor needed to open and control all the pool options. Gappsi also provides Home Remodeling Kitchens and Baths Roofing and siding for residence of Cold Spring Harbor.
To complete your landscapes outdoor Sports and recreations Gappsi offers Bocce Courts, Putting greens, Sports and Tennis Courts also supply and installation of Synthetic Turf.

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