Outdoor Spa dealer

Outdoor Spa dealer

Outdoor Spa dealer http://deckandpationaturalstones.com/hot-tub-spas-Dealers-Showrooms-Long-Island-ny.html
Clearwater spas are dedicated to finding new solutions to protect the environment by producing energy-efficient spas. E-Smart symbolizes efficiency, economic value, engineering, environment, and efficient recycling. Clearwater Spas concentrates on each one of these areas to lower the environmental impact of the product. Clearwater spas are manufactured from eco-friendly products which produce no VOCs that do not pollute the climate. All spas have reflective thermal barrier insulation which reflects the cold air externally away and keeps in and circulates the nice and cozy air being created from the spa inside. This really is 12% more effective than other spa companies which decide to insulate there spas with foam. The floors of Clearwater Spas are fully insulated Dura floors that keep your spa off of the cold ground to help expand insulate the bathtub. These floors will also be made from a 100% recycled ABS. As a result of each one of these great E-Smart features Clearwater Spas prides on their own proclaiming that they’re the most energy-efficient spa lines in world.http://deckandpationaturalstones.com/hot-tub-spas-Dealers-Showrooms-Long-Island-ny.html

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